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Pompon Dahlia 'Viking' Bulb - Bells Gardening

Pompon Dahlia 'Viking' Bulb

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Deep red ball shaped flowers. These Pompom Dahlias produce fabulous double spherical blooms which are sure to add a new dimension of shape and texture to any garden. Each flower head is made up of layers of silky, inwardly curved petals creating a perfectly formed sphere. Tall sturdy stems not only provide excellent support; but also provide the Dahlia with its iconic bobbing habit in the breeze - an uplifting and calming sight, especially in a hot sunny garden. Dahlias are easy to grow and simply require well-drained soil and a sunny position. However, we recommend digging in manure or compost and topping with general purpose fertiliser for optimum results. Dahlias are invaluable for the summer border, in patio containers or as cut flowers, often flowering until the first frosts. Finest quality tubers supplied. Flowers June to September. Height 90cm.


You will receive 1 pre packed bulb