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Gro Sure Ericaceous Plant Food Liquid 1 litre plus 50% free - Bells Gardening

Gro Sure Ericaceous Plant Food Liquid 1 litre plus 50% free

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Rhododendrons, Azalea and Camellia plant food is formulated with very low chloride content for feeding all types of acid loving plants.

In alkaline and chalk soils plants find it difficult to take up essential nutrients such as iron, and soon become pale and sickly in appearance.

The plant food contains iron, magnesium and trace elements, which keep the foliage green and healthy. As well as providing essential trace elements, the plant food contains nitrogen giving the plant a boost each time you feed.

It also contains a balance of phosphorus for healthy root growth, as well as increased levels of potassium to enhance flower production, adding vigour and boosting disease resistance. 



  • Ideal for Rhododendrons, Azaleas & Camellias
  • Extra micro-nutrients
  • Extra iron for richer, green leaves
  • Dilute 1 capful in 4.5L water, and apply around the base of the plant to wet the compost
  • Use every 2-3 weeks during growing season
  • Contains 1 litre plus 50% free