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Dahlia ' Manhattan Island' Bulb - Bells Gardening

Dahlia ' Manhattan Island' Bulb

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You won't believe the size of these blooms until you see them for yourself! Truly as big as dinner plates, these blooms will reach up to 10 inches in diameter, bringing more color than you can possibly imagine.

Gigantic, fully-double flowers emerge in early summer with a blaze of fiery red color. The dense petals are a deep red that fades to a bright, golden yellow in the center. There are so many petals, that the blooms slowly open, sometimes leaving an ornamental ball of pinkish-yellow petals in the center.

Reaching about 30 to 40 inches high, you might not think the tall sturdy stems can bear the weight of the huge blooms, but don't worry they will manage! However, if the stems begin to droop, you can always support them with the help of a stake. For the Dahlias that reach 32 inches or more, stalking might be required, especially in windy conditions.

You will receive 1 pre packed bulb