Cordyline Purple Sensation - Evergreen Tree 17cm - Bells Gardening
Cordyline 'Purple Sensation' - Evergreen Tree 17cm Pot

Cordyline 'Purple Sensation' - Evergreen Tree 17cm Pot

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Botanical name

Cordyline 'Purple Sensation'

Other names

Cabbage tree 'Purple Sensation'



Variety or Cultivar

'Purple Sensation' _ 'Purple Sensation' is a tender, erect, palm-like, evergreen tree with arching, linear- to lance-shaped, dark reddish-purple leaves each with a bright red central stripe. Under favourable conditions, panicles of fragrant, creamy white flowers in summer followed by white or blue-tinted berries.




Single stemmed palm, cycad or tree

Other Information

Cordylines are exceptional plant for adding height and texture in container plantings and borders. Fully hardy and evergreen. 

Like all Cordyline plants, are drought resistant once established. Best in full sun, although will tolerate partial shade. These plants will also need protecting from hard frost during the winter months.