Aquilegia 'Spring Magic Navy & White'  - 10.5cm Pot
Aquilegia 'Spring Magic Navy & White'  - 10.5cm Pot

Aquilegia 'Spring Magic Navy & White' - 10.5cm Pot

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Aquilegia 'Spring Magic Navy & White'

A quintessential cottage garden flower, blooming for all of springtime. The funnel-shaped heads nod gracefully on their stems, giving rise to their delightfully apt name Granny's bonnet. 

Botanical name

Aquilegia 'Spring Magic Navy and White' (Spring Magic Series)

Other names

Columbine 'Spring Magic Navy and White', Granny's bonnet 'Spring Magic Navy and White', Monk's head lily 'Spring Magic Navy and White', Crowfoot 'Spring Magic Navy and White', Aquilegia 'Spring Magic Navy & White'



Variety or Cultivar

'Spring Magic Navy and White' _ 'Spring Magic Navy and White' is a compact, clump-forming, herbaceous perennial with deeply-divided, blue-green leaves and, in late spring and early summer, upright stems bearing nodding flowers with white inner petals surrounded by spurred, purple-blue outer petals.

Native to

Garden origin




Erect flower stem, Clump-forming


May cause stomach irritation if ingested.

Height & Spread

30cm x 50cm