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Charlotte - Second Early Potatoes - 30 Seed Potatoes

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Charlotte is now the most popular salad potato in the UK. Tubers of Charlotte are long with a yellow skin and firm yellow waxy flesh that make it a superb salad potato. Cooking qualities are excellent and the potatoes are full of flavour. Very good resistance to foliage and tuber blight. charlotte is a popular variety for planting in august and harvesting before Christmas. Winner of RHS Award of garden merit.

You will receive 30 seed potatoes.

Botanical name

Solanum tuberosum 'Charlotte'

Other names

Potato 'Charlotte' , Second early potato 'Charlotte'



Variety or Cultivar

'Charlotte' _ 'Charlotte' is a tender, upright, branching perennial grown as an annual vegetable crop with compound leaves, white flowers in summer, and edible, shallow-eyed, ovoid to pear-shaped, yellow-skinned tubers with creamy-yellow flesh, typically harvested in summer.




Clump-forming, Upright


RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit)