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Chaenomeles Orange Trail - 3L Pot - Bells Gardening

Chaenomeles Orange Trail - 3L Pot

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Chaenomeles Orange Trail (Chaenomeles X superba Orange Trail) Flowering or Ornamental Quince.

A vigorous and bushy shrub, developing quickly in reasonable soil but seldom attaining more than 100cm in height. The bare prickly branches of Chaenomeles Orange Trail are clothed in bright reddish-orange flowers studded with bright yellow anthers from March onwards bringing a welcome splash of colour to the garden early in the season. The deep green slightly serrated leaves emerge part way through the flower display which continues until May. Later in the season the greenish-yellow ornamental quinces develop and become more conspicuous and are ripoe by Autumn. Although they are not edible straight from the bush, after cooking they may be used for a variety of purposes including jellies, preserves and teas.