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Kent & Stowe Carbon Steel Square Mouth Shovel L 109cm

Kent & Stowe Carbon Steel Square Mouth Shovel L 109cm

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Use this high quality Kent & Stowe Square Mouth Shovel made from tough carbon steel, for strength, and beautiful ash wood. Featuring an extended shank for improved strength, as well as having a larger tread edge for added comfort, this tool has quality guaranteed with its 10 year guarantee.

  • High quality carbon steel head
  • Handle made from beautiful ash wood split to form a traditional YD
  • Solid forged from one piece for added strength
  • Larger tread edge for added digging comfort
  • Square shape and scoop for maximum loading
  • Ideal for lifting, scooping and moving loose materials such as earth, coal, stones and snow
  • Leveling out soil for a flat, even surface
  • When digging large areas ensure you maintain a straight back and bend knees to avoid strain
  • Use the tread edge to push spade into soil and leverage back with ease
  • Avoid muscle strain by depositing the soil close by
  • L 109cm

Kent & Stowe 10 year guarantee stamp