aftercut ultra green help prevent scorching creates a greener and stronger lawn

Aftercut Ultra Green+ Lawn Feed & Iron Supplement 100sqm By Westland

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Aftercut Ultra Green+ contains a balanced nutrient package to help prevent scorching, and an improved formula with extra iron and magnesium that creates a greener and stronger lawn. By creating this stronger lawn moss is unable to grown. this lawn feed can be used in spring, summer and autumn and promises visibly greener lawn in just three days, for the fastest results and strongest greening ever. 


  • Provides your lawn with a balanced nutrient package with extra iron and magnesium for a greener and stronger lawn. 
  • A balanced nutrient packages provides the added benefit of preventing scorching often found when using other lawn fertilises 
  • Children and pets need not be excluded from the treated area once the treatment has been watered in thoroughly and the area had dried
  • Use on established lawns from February- October when the grass is actively growing
  • this pack will cover 100sqm