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Acer Crimson Princess Patio Ornamental Tree- 7.5L Pot - Bells Gardening

Acer Crimson Princess Patio Ornamental Tree- 7.5L Pot

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Crimson Princess is a lovely Japanese Acer tree with an upright form and arching, slightly weeping branches. This Japanese Maple has lace-like, dissected leaves that display a deep red colour in spring, followed by bronze/purple hues in summer and fiery scarlet tones in autumn. This is a wonderful addition to any border or patio where the colour changes will be appreciated.

The height and spread of the Crimson Princess will only ever reach about 2.5 x 2.5 metres in 20 years (often remaining slightly smaller), making it ideal for gardens with limited space.

Similar to all Acer trees, Acer Palmatum dissectum Crimson Princess prefers moist but well-drained acid to neutral soil.