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Westland BIG TOM Super Tomato Food 2.5 l plus 50% free

Westland BIG TOM Super Tomato Food 2.5 l plus 50% free

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Westland Big Tom Tomato plant food is enriched with essential nutrients for a tastier and bigger yield of tomatoes, containing easy to absorb nutrients that stay in the compost/soil for longer. The tomato food also contains added naturally occurring stimulant to encourage root growth and micro nutrients for a healthy crop of tomatoes. 

Key features:

  • Enriched with nutrients for tastier and bigger yield of tomatoes
  • Can be used to feed other plants to such as cucumbers or courgettes and can even be use to feed your hanging baskets, beds and boarders. 

Material- Liquid

Storage- Store in a cool dry place. Out of reach of direct sun light. 

Safety warming- Always follow the direction on the pack. Keep out of reach of children and pets. We recommend you always wear gloves when handling and using garden care. 

Contains 2.5 litres plus 50% free