BBC Gardeners Worlds Live Showcase Garden

Bell's are proud to announce that they have been chosen as the sponsor and supplier of plants for the Showcase Garden, 'Natures Resillience' at the 2021 BBC Gardeners World Live.


Entitled ‘Nature’s Resilience’, the garden has been inspired by the power plants have to heal, calm, clarify the mind, awaken senses, spark imagination and bring joy so all the plants that the team has lovingly chosen offer therapeutic properties.

Bell’s has been selected as the official supplier of plants for the garden which have all been lovingly grown at its nursery facilities in Benington near Boston.

Seedsology are a local wildflower and cottage flower seed producer based at Kirton Fen while Moska Design is an award-winning luxury design studio. Brought alive with plants from Bell’s the garden promises to be the perfect antidote to the anxiety many have been feeling over the past year. Nature’s Resilience will show the everyday garden magic that is at everyone’s fingertips. With a small patch of soil and a handful of seeds, the extraordinary power of flowers can be released. 

You can follow the teams journey from the start up until the final day on Lisa Maries Kitchen's Youtube channel.


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